Bude free beach swimming pool is a great favourite with the children and also marvellous for adults. A part natural, part man-made pool on main Summerlease beach in Bude. It was originally built in the 1930s and has been extensively refurbished since then. The pool is extremely large, with an area of around 3000m3 and the volume is about 4000m3 depending on how much sand is washed in by the sea, the poolm being refilled every time the tide comes in. In fact, it is quite a spectacle to see the waves lapping over the swimming pool rocks and sides.
The pool is open for the season from May - September and is filled with sea water.

The adjacent photo is taken from the breakwater side of Summerlease beach and shows the swimming pool in the distance. The second 2 photos give a good representation of what the swimming pool is like.

Bude Beach Swimming Pool