Coombe Valley near Bude

Coombe Valley is a favourite with walkers, with cliff walks and continuous beaches leading all the way to Bude (choose either the beach walk or the cliff walk, or combine the two). The steep valley runs its way down to the beach at Duckpool, Duckpool being probably so called because it is believed to have been a venue for Baptists who used the fed stream pool on the beach for baptism. In fact, Duckpool beach was used by the romans, with pack donkeys to meet the arriving boats laden with tin and trade goods; the boats will have been pulled up ontop the beach. Nowadays ducks take advantage of the freshwater pool. An alterative walk is to walk inland from the beach, a picturesque walk along the woodedvalley and continue by way of the small ford and footbridge over the valley stream.

Duckpool beach

A lovely beach backed by high cliffs, spectacular views from the cliffs. A large sandy beach at low tide and lots of free parking; in fact the beach is rather quiet.

Duckpool beach Duckpool Duckpool
Lovely Duckpool beach Valley views, from direction of beach The lane down to beach
(tiny ford & footbridge)
Ducpool sunset Duckpool Sunset Duckpool
Coombe Valley (from Duckpool cliffs) Lovely Duckpool Duckpool (sunset)
Duckpool sunset Duckpool Morw3enstow Church
Duckpool (sunset) Duckpool (sunset) Morwenstow Church
Walk down to Duckpool